FŐNIX Industrial Park Ajka

  • We welcome investors of both manufacturing and service sector.We welcome investors of both manufacturing and service sector. Considering the existing production spectrum we want to help the colonization of mechanical engineering, electronics, electronic engineering, IT, automotive industry suppliers, medical products manufacturers besides the highly specialized required industries, manufacturing firms.
  • The local skilled labor can help the establishment of the above mentioned sectors and investors,The local skilled labor (and the access to dual training) can help the establishment of the above mentioned sectors and investors, it is proved by the companies already operating in a significant number of employees from the local people.
  • Veszprém in close proximityVeszprém in close proximity, and can be found in a wide range of training opportunities (agriculture, horticulture, engineering, automotive, economics, health care, hospitality, commercial) assist the acquisition of skills.
  • Az infrastrukturális adottságok is kedvezőekThe infrastructural conditions are also favorable. Logistics Facilities are largely comply with European and international standards, Phoenix Industrial Park Ajka is also partner of the building a logistics base.
  • Innovation CentreIn addition, the concentration of science and technology also formulated as a goal thus the settlement of the biotech companies and companies which are operating in R & D & I sector are highly subsidized (see the proposed Innovation Centre). In connection with this the Municipality of Ajka signed a cooperation agreement with many many universities and research institutes.
  • Improvement small region of AjkaIn order of further improvement of the quality of people's life who are living in Ajka and in the small region of Ajka formulate the goal to expand the range of the service sector.