Basic services

The primary goal of the management of Phoenix Park Ajka Ltd. is to provide the highest quality services to the companies settled. The companies willing to settle and settled get a mentor for their administrations according to the “hostess”system of the industrial park:

  • single contact for abtaining all necessary official permits;
  • full administration for company formation and registration of establishment of Hungarian sites;
  • full organizing , management of the investment which include processes of designing, engineering, technical supervision, commissioning;
  • designing, engineering of road and utility connections, engineering of road, parking and utilities;
  • finding employment, retraining as needed, organizing ongoing training, including language proficiency required for working;
  • writing and management of tenders for getting central and regional state aid;
  • Industrial Park also undertakes turnkey construction of complete sites by appropriate safeguards;


  • financial:
  • economical:



  • security service, patrol

Banking service:

  • ATM terminal

Postal service:

  • delivery and collection service

Office service:

  • telephone exchange, fax, e-mail, internet
  • photocopying, press
  • meeting room, lecture room

Transport services:

  • public transport connection

Technical services:

  • municipal waste collection
  • selective waste collection
  • sewage disposal and treatment


  • general maintenance (water, electricity
  • maintenance duty (water, electricity)


Logistic services:

Information and consultancy:

  • legal service

Innovative services:


  • information office

Technology transfer, R&D:

  • information office
  • service businesses
  • technology centre


  • business:
  • technological:
  • innovation:

Further developments expected

The realization and scheduling of developments will be designed and realized according to the sales of free areas. Further opportunity is industrial estate development with further enlargements of industrial park and shaping scientifical and technological park to which cooperation agreement were concluded with R&D&I componies, research institutes, universities to realize the Innovation Centre planned.