Ajka is decisive importance city in Central Transdanubia, center of Ajka district where 36 764 people live. The city is situated along the fault line which divides the north and south strand of Bakony, south from the main road 8. The road traffic is expected to increase as the results of the current and expected future developments - among other things on the Austrian side - as a result, gradually evolves into a European significance transit corridor. Budapest-Székesfehérvár-Szombathely Nr. 20 electrified railway line provides Ajka’s rail connection. The rail line is currently part of Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T core network), this is "Mediterranean" corridor on its fantasy name. According to its significance modernization, expansion of the single-track section between Székesfehérvár-Boba is in progress in 2014-2020 cycle.

Road distance from the town's county town (Veszprém) 37 kilometers; from the lake - one of its most prominent town, named Balatonfüred - only 40 kilometers, but it has not significant tourism income. The closest situated, similar, but larger populations city in this area, Ajka located 41 kilometers from Pápa, so thanks to the fully provided institutional functions Ajka play special role in the central region.

The city bus transport junction position strengthens the central region role, whereas nearly two hundred shuttles of North West Transport Centre in Hungary stop in the city. Local bus services provide the public transportationin the city and between the surrounding settlements.

The closest motorway junction (M7) is 63 km away. The lenght of the quickest road to Budapest is 160 km, the closest border crossing point (Hieligenkreutz-Austria) is appr. 112 km away.

Főnix Industrial Park Ajka is situated on the north of the town, on either side of the interurban road NO 7308 between Bakonygyepes and Tótvázsony.

The distance of the area from certain places:

national road M8 1.3 - 3.3 km Budapest 160 km Graz 150 km

Location of Ajka